Monday, January 21, 2019


How does a Broadway creation, birthed in a nation
By a rapper-slash-writer, prove to be tighter and brighter than anything that preceded it?
Our country, man, we needed it; in these desperate times we found a message in rhymes

From a show-stopping
Son of an immigrant who was imminently
Positioned to go farther by working harder and being a lot smarter
By being a self-starter, at 35 he avoided becoming just a martyr

Thanks to his rampant creativity, he knew that someday
Across the Great White Way he could make something better
Something more colors of people could bring to life together
He was making cultural history as a trend-setter

The box office got to popping and all the jaws they dropped
Our man saw his future rise, rising high non-stop
Audiences responded, even better yet, they bonded
The message corresponded with what they didn’t know they wanted

Well the word got around, they said
“This show is insane, man!”
Saved money for tickets knowing it was off the chain, man
Won all the awards, critical and popular acclaim
And the world now knows his name. What’s his name, man?